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The Cuisine...

The cuisine can be broadly divided into Northern and Southern styles. The North is a little cooler and wetter. Northerners use a lot of dairy products in their food. They thicken their curries with yogurt, fry their meats in butter and includes cheese in their dishes.

Bread plays a big part of Northerner's cuisine. Most breads are made by hands and cooked in a Tandoori(Clay Oven). Bread play two roles, one a filler and also a scoop up curry sauce.

Southern cuisine is very different. Many southerners are vegetarians and have raised vegetarianism to a fine art. Fresh vegetables are combined in many different ways, whilst dried peas, beans and lentils are made into Dal meals. Some Dals are soupy while others are thick.

Due to Large coastlines, fish also plays an important part. Fish is commonly served with rice more than bread. Stir fry(Karahi) cooking is very popular. Meat, vegetables and spices are cooked over a very high heat in cast iron vessels similar to Chinese Wok.

Kabobs, Samosas,Pakoras and Karahi dishes are sold by chefs at roadside cafe (similar to American Fast Foods.